Warranty Information


Perforated Window Graphics(vehicles & store fronts)

  • 1-year warranty: covers peeling, excessive fading and cracking. No warranty against improper cleaning.
  • No warranty against peeling or abrasion on windows that move or slide. We do not recommend opening windows that have graphics applied to them.
  • Graphics that are exposed to window wipers and not warranted for peeling or abrasion.
  • Typical life expectancy for perforated window film: 1 year for vehicles and 1-3 years for store fronts.

Vehicle Wraps

  • Manufactures warranty on vehicle wrap materials as specified for the vehicle’s current Region.  Film warranted against excessive fading, discoloration, and blistering for 2 years on non-vertical surface (greater than 10 degrees from vertical) and 3 years on vertical surfaces.
  • 2-year warranty on installation and workmanship (peeling, cracking or lifting).  Damaged areas will be trimmed back, patched in, or replaced if needed.
  • Typical life expectancy of a premium vehicle wrap: 3-5 years for vertical exposure, 1-3 years for non-vertical exposure.
  • If the vehicle wrap begins to change color rapidly, darkening or hairline cracking it should be removed immediately.



  • No warranty:  banners are considered a temporary sign.  Proper installation of the banner will result in a longer life, but there is no warranty implied or expressed.
  • Typical life expectancy with proper installation 3-24 months.


Vehicle Lettering (die-cut on windows or painted surfaces) 

  • 2-year warranty: covers peeling, excessive fading and cracking.
  • No warranty on chrome, diamond plate or other metalized film.
  • Typical life expectancy of vehicle lettering: 3-5 years depending on care and material type (chrome, metallic, and metalized film 1-3 years).


What is a vinyl wrap?

Whether you're looking to change the color of your car, deck it out in beautiful graphics, or simply protect your paint from minor abrasions, a vinyl wrap is the way to go.  At Digital Effects we use a wide range of printed or specialty vinyl to meet the needs of consumer or promotional clients.  All of our vinyl comes with a warranty (see warranty details) and can easily be removed.  With proper care, a vinyl wrap can last up to four years before needing to be replaced.


Can I wash my car?  Will it damage the paint?  How long does it last?  A properly installed vehicle wrap will last between 3-5 years depending on care and storage.  When vehicles are concerned (just like paint) the environment is one of the biggest issues.  A wrapped car that is garage kept will last the longest.  The more extreme elements your wrap faces, the shorter the lifespan.  You can definitely wash your wrap but try to avoid high powered washers especially with partial wraps and decals.  If your wrap starts to fade or look dried out its definitely time for removal.


With proper care and installation a vinyl wrap will not damage a new factory paint job.  However, if your paint is already peeling or has rock chips etc. removing the vinyl may pull more of the paint off.  A wrap left on for far too long (for instance, already cracked and peeling) may damage the clear coat and possibly the paint.  Ask our friendly staff and they will inspect your vehicle and walk you through any issues you may be facing.


The pricing on each job is different and varies depending on design time, materials, and installation.  Contact us for a quote today.

Location and Delivery

Got a project for us and can't make it to the shop?  We not only service Texarkana and the surrounding area but also do work through correspondence.  In many cases we have the opportunity to work with clients from varying distances.  Some ship their product to us for installation and (when available) we have been known to take a road trip and do installations on site.  Smaller jobs like small signs or shirts, stickers, etc. can be printed and shipped to the customer.

Tax Exempt

Non-profit?  No problem.  We have worked with churches, schools, and government and are familiar with all paperwork involved.